How To Be Successful Without Winning

Many times sports are looked at for how many wins a team has and what place did they finish.  Cheerleading has become super competitive for many schools, but that does not mean new comers cannot be successful as well.  Through the years of hosting competitions I have watched the emotions on the girls and guys faces as awards are called out.  It is exciting and heartbreaking at the same time.  I see people get so attached to a trophy and placement more than the experience they just went through with their teammates.  A successful team is one that their participants did all they possibly could and walked off the floor with their heads held high.  If a stunt did not hit does not mean that they did not try, just a little unlucky.  The people that are giving out the trophies are not the ones that matter.  It’s the mom’s and dads, coaches, grandparents, brothers and sisters, boy and girlfriends in the stands that matter.  Because at the end of the day, those people in the stands will love you the same win or lose.  So, winning does not always mean success and not being in first does not mean that you weren’t successful.

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