Winter Blast – January 29th, 2017

WinterBlast has become one of our company’s biggest events.  We are averaging right at 100 teams the last several years.  This competition has centered on a ton of small gyms (Division II) coming together to compete against one another.  You will not find a better setup, warmup area, and competition seating for the parents anywhere.  Don’t overlook this event for the upcoming season.  As soon as the Gardner-Webb Basketball schedule is released we will notify everyone the date.


Fantastic venue and spring floor event.  Get out of the cold and be a part of a very hot competition event.


Jan. 29th, 2017

Event start time:

10:45 am (Doors open at 9:45 am)


Gardner-Webb University–– Boiling Springs, NC

LYCC – Paul Porter Arena


110 South Main St.  Boiling Springs, NC 28017


Time Gym Team Name Division #
10:48 Dynamic Spirit Force Elite Glitz Mini Rec. 13
10:54 Spirit of Cherryville Little Legacy Mini Rec. 18
11:00 Boiling Springs C&T Sapphires Mini Rec. 9
11:06 Spirit Revolution Allstars New Kids on the Block Jr Hip Hop 6
11:12 Charlotte Cheer Elite Onyx Jr Hip Hop 7
11:18 Trinity Force Sassy Cats Tiny Pom 4
11:24 Cheer Jewels Ruby Mini Pr Lvl 1 17
11:30 Carolina Flipz Shimmer Mini Pr Lvl 1 16
11:36 Valley Elite Allstars Pixie Stix Mini Pr Lvl 1 15
11:42 Upstate Spirit STARZ Soaring STARZ Mini Pr Lvl 1 10
11:48 Cheer Obsession Ruby Mini Pr Lvl 1 7
11:54 Boiling Springs C&T Rubies Yth Rec. 16
12:00 Dynamic Spirit Force Elite Glitter Junior Rec. 9
12:06 Spirit of Cherryville Dynasty Junior Rec. 19
12:12 Trinity Force Diamond Divas Yth Pom 4
12:18 Spirit Revolution Allstars Lil Mamas Yth Hip Hop 6
12:24 Charlotte Cheer Elite Sache Mini Hip Hop 6
12:30 Intermission
12:36 Carolina Flipz Universal Stars Jr Pr Lvl 1 9
12:42 Upstate Spirit STARZ Shining STARZ Jr Pr Lvl 1 24
12:48 Tumblemania Elite Storm Hurricanes Mini Pr Lvl 2 10
12:54 Sports Fine Arts Center Black diamonds Yth Pr Lvl 2 8
1:00 East Coast C&T Twinkle Tiny Pr Lvl 1 6
1:06 XD Elite Cheer Pixies Tiny Pr Lvl 1 7
1:12 Spirit Revolution Allstars One Direction Tiny Pr Lvl 1 3
1:18 Shelby Elite Triple Threat Yth Pr Lvl 1 13
1:24 ICA Cheerleading Little Vikings Yth Pr Lvl 1 15
1:30 Carolina Flipz Galaxy Yth Pr Lvl 1 11
1:36 Spirit Revolution Allstars NSync Yth Pr Lvl 1 11
1:42 Sports Fine Arts Center PInk Explosion Jr Pr Level 3 9
1:48 Northwood High School Varsity Coed 25
1:54 Davie County HS Eagles Varsity Coed Exh
2:00 Upstate Spirit STARZ SuperStarz Spec. Ath. 6
Awards Session 1
Time Gym Team Name Division #
2:48 East Coast C&T Starburst Tiny Lvl 1 10
2:54 Valley Elite Allstars Fire Balls Sr Lvl 3 13
3:00 Tumblemania Elite Storm Twisters Sr Lvl 3 15
3:06 The Studio HEARTS Mini Lvl 1 15
3:12 Charlotte Cheer Elite Synergy Mini Lvl 1 10
3:18 Carolina Flipz  Sapphire Yth Lvl 1 12
3:24 Cheer Jewels Emerald Yth Lvl 1 27
3:30 Cheer Sensations All-Stars Ice Crystals Yth Lvl 1 11
3:36 East Coast C&T Odyssey Yth Lvl 1 11
3:42 The Studio  SPADES Yth Lv 1 17
3:48 Glory All Stars Genesis Jr Lvl 1 13
3:54 Tumblemania Elite Storm Lightning Jr Lvl 1 9
4:00 Carolina Flipz Slay Jr Lvl 1 10
4:06 Spirit Revolution Allstars Jackson Five Sr Lvl 1 8
4:12 Cheertastic All-Stars Kitty Cats Tiny Exh. 8
4:18 Valley Elite Allstars Pop Rocks Yth Lvl 2 15
4:24 Charlotte Cheer Elite Momentum Yth Lvl 2 12
4:30 Cheer Jewels Sapphire Yth Lvl 2 20
4:36 Tumblemania Elite Storm Cyclones Mini Lvl 2 11
4:42 Cheer Obsession Emeralds Jr lvl 2 Sm 20
4:48 The Studio ACE Jr lvl 2 Sm 20
4:54 XD Elite Cheer Mags Jr lvl 2 Sm 14
5:00 Xtreme Heat Allstars Afterburn Jr lvl 2 Sm 12
5:06 Spirit Revolution Allstars Backstreet Boys Jr lvl 2 Sm 13
5:12 Carolina Crossfire Ammunition Jr lvl 2 Sm 11
5:18 Cheertastic All-Stars Militia Cats Jr Lvl 2 Lrg. 24
5:24 Carolina Flipz Lady Platinum Jr Lvl 2 Lrg. 19
5:30 Glory All Stars Rising Stars  Sr 1 Exh 18
5:36 Cheer Sensations Black Ice Sr Lvl 2 9
5:42 The Studio QUEENS Sr Lvl 2 18
5:48 XD Elite Cheer Carbon Sr Lvl 2 14
5:54 Cheer Obsession Diamonds Jr Lvl 3 8
6:00 Valley Elite Allstars Red Hots Jr Lvl 3 14
6:06 Carolina Crossfire Serenity McWhorter Spec. Ath. 1
6:12 East Coast C&T Super Nova Sr. Lvl 4.2 15
6:18 Infinite Cheer Buckwild Sr Coed 3 Sm 12
6:24 Xtreme Heat Allstars Regulators Sr Coed 3 Sm 12
6:30 Cheertastic All-Stars Mob cats Sr Coed 3 Lrg 22
6:36 Cheer Obsession Sapphire Sr. Coed 3 Lrg 30
6:42 Tumblemania Elite Storm  Twisters Jr Lvl 4 12
6:48 Spirit Revolution Allstars Gleam Spec. Ath. 4
Awards Session 2

Registration Fee:

$30 per participant for Allstar and Rec. teams for early registration.   There is a $15 crossover fee between cheer teams. (Does not apply for cheer to dance).

Deadline Schedule:

No additional registrations will be accepted once we are three weeks prior to event.  Please register in time so you don’t miss out!

Payment Methods

You may pay by business/school check, certified personal check, money order or credit card (ONE CHECK, MONEY ORDER OR CREDIT CARD PER REGISTRATION ONLY). Make checks payable to All Day Cheerleading, Inc.  All payments MUST be received prior to registration deadline.

Division Changes

Division change requests can be submitted at no additional cost until three weeks prior to event.  Any changes after the three weeks prior mark will be subject to a $25 per team change fee.  No division changes will be allowed two weeks prior to the event.

Cancellation Policy

All payments are non-refundable. If a participant cancels (regardless of the reason) the payment is non-refundable. However, if a participant cancels from your registration, and you replace that participant with another participant, you can use the payment of the first participant.


No Charge

Priority Seating

We will have a priority seating/ standing section for family and friends for performing team


Video and still photography allowed of your team only.  No Flash.  Recording of a complete division is not allowed.

Spectator Admission

Two coaches per team admitted free

Spectator Admission will be $10.00 per person CASH ONLY (children ages 10 and under admitted Free)


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