Invitational Nov. 18th, 2017

This event is designed to get your feet off the ground and set you up for a successful season.  Each journey that a person/team takes has to start somewhere.  Why not give us a chance to provide you with a fun, friendly, and positive environment event to start your year off right.  We provide banners to all teams and constructive feedback from the judges.  Hope to see you at the All Day Cheerleading, Inc. Invitational!


Fantastic venue and spring floor event.


Nov. 18th, 2017

Event start time:

Event Starts at 11 am and doors open at 10 am


Dorton Arena


Raleigh, NC


To be announced the Monday prior to the event.

Payment Methods

You may pay by business/school check, certified personal check, money order or credit card (ONE CHECK, MONEY ORDER OR CREDIT CARD PER REGISTRATION ONLY). Make checks payable to All Day Cheerleading, Inc.  All payments MUST be received prior to registration deadline.

Division Changes

Division change requests can be submitted at no additional cost until three weeks prior to event.  Any changes after that will be cost $25 per team. No division changes will be allowed during final two weeks leading into the event.

Cancellation Policy

All payments are non-refundable. If a participant cancels (regardless of the reason) the payment is non-refundable. However, if a participant cancels from your registration, and you replace that participant with another participant, you can use the payment of the first participant.


No Charge

Priority Seating

We will have a priority seating/ standing section for family and friends for performing team


Video and still photography allowed of your team only.  No Flash.  Recording of a complete division is not allowed.

Spectator Admission

Two coaches per team admitted free

Spectator Admission will be $10.00 per person CASH ONLY (children ages 10 and under admitted Free)


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