About the Owner

Andrew Day - All Day CheerleadingMy name is Andrew Day. I have been in the cheerleading world for over 15 years. I went to Gardner-Webb University to be a youth minister and came out a cheerleading coach. Funny how God can see an opportunity to use you for the greater good and change your path. Though as much as it seems I steered way off course from the original plan, I honestly feel that He has provided me with numerous opportunities to share my faith and be a witness to many others.

Being involved in cheerleading, I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the US teaching camps and helping host events. I was fortunate to cheer in college and get the experience of competing on the national level. During college, I began coaching and teaching gymnastics. I have worked with many area schools and have enjoyed seeing many of the girls go on to cheer in college. I started coaching on the college level in 2000. I have been blessed with some great teams at GWU.

We have competed numerous times at Nationals and have been able to be very successful making finals in small coed and all-girls. I have also been a certified judge and have judged up and down the east coast. I am truly blessed with all that God has provided me and my company.

About Our Company

In September of 2002, All Day Cheerleading, Inc. was created. The goal from the beginning was to provide a cheerleading company that was faith based and God centered. The company motto “To be better than Yesterday, I have to work harder Today, to face the challenges of Tomorrow.”-AD has provided the framework to see the company form from a vision from God to a well-known and respected company. We have grown from doing a few camps around NC in 2002 to traveling all over the country summer after summer.

One of the biggest hits has been the competitions we have produced over the years. We had over 100 teams at our March. competition in 2013. One of the coolest and proudest moments took place in Feb. 2010 when we had to hold our cheerleading competition on a Sunday due to rescheduling because of weather. At that event, we had a Teen Worship Service and had several people give their life to Christ. That will forever be a highlight in the company.

Over the past year, the company has really become a leader in floor event service for the Southeast. It has been amazing to see what God can do with a person that will just give in to His Will. Greater things are still on the horizon, and we look forward to what He has in store.

Andrew Day - All Day Cheerleading Owner