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We have been blessed over the years to have multiple teams in most of our competitive divisions. It allows for an actual competition. Come see how you rank against others. We have a category for you, I promise.

All-stars will compete on a 54×42 spring floor with a full safety border. Schools will have a full 54×42 cheer floor. Warm-up room will have a full 54×42 floor, tumble strip, and stunting mats to warm-up on. Tons of space to allow you to put your best stuff out there.

$30 Per participant
$15 Crossover fee
$10 Exhibition and Special Athlete division.

We are now using the varsity scoring grid with our score sheet. We provide lots of feedback to maximize your experience.

Location, Location, Location: Large venues with great seating to see your favorite team. We will have events throughout the Southeast to make it easy to attend multiple cheer events hosted by All Day Cheerleading, Inc.

Stylish and Unique! Opportunities to pick up a great souvenir!

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